Greenwinged Teal Hen

​​Casting Available ALL award winning carvings!

Black Duck (this could be used as Mallard hen)

Bufflehead Hen ribbons and published

Ruddy Duck Drake ribbons and published

Cinnamon Teal Drake ribbons

Greenwinged Teal Hen

Lesser Scaup Drake

Harlequin Drake ribbons

Common Merganser Hen 

​Killdeer Bird Class Phoenix, AZ

Black Duck 3rd Place Decorative Floating,

San Diego, CA

​​​​Glenn A. McMurdo World Class Master Carver

Harlequin Drake 1st place 1st Best Confidence & 3rd Best In Show, San Diego

1st Place and 1st Best Sea Bird, Ohio 

1st Place and 1st Best Confidence,

1st BEST IN SHOW  Ward World Carving Championship, Ocean City, MD 2012

Harlequin Drake

​​Cinnamon Teal Drake 1st Place Decorative

Masters Class Ward World Carving Championship 

All casting have full detail as shown below

Ruddy Duck Drake 3rd Decorative Masters Class Ward World Carving Championship and its casting

 Large castings $75.00 + shipping and handling,

Smaller casts (killdeer) $55.00 + shipping and handling,

usually shipped within 3 ~ 5 business days,

class prices available and quoted upon request

prices subject to change without notice

hand made on site

at McMurdo Carvings


Available Castings

Glenn A. McMurdo Wood Carver

Fine Arts Sculpture

Black Duck Casting

Bufflehead Hen 1st Place and 3rd Best Diver Duck Masters Ward World Carving Championship, and published Wildfowl Carving Magazine 

Bufflehead Hen original with two castings, one painted the other the original carving! Can you tell which is which?

Updated February 6, 2019

 Scaup Drake 

McMurdo Carvings